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Jonathan is the  Creative Director and a co-founder of Finliti, a Canadian fintech startup. Jonathan is currently overseeing the development and product design of Finliti's core enterprise SaaS product, and has been instrumental in the company's recent achievements which include participation in the Collision 2022 Alpha Startup program, winning the Fintech Cadence Case Study competition presented by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in fall 2022, gaining entry into Microsoft Startups Founders Hub, and admittance into the NEXT AI 2023 cohort. In addition to his role in tech, Jonathan pursues acting and filmmaking. He wrote Finding Green, a digital comedy series that received funding from the Canada Media Fund and Independent Producer Fund in fall 2022 and is currently being produced by Bone Vault Inc.  Jonathan enjoys experimenting with different formats and challenging traditional structures in his personal writing and filmmaking projects.

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